Associate Professor
Geography & Env. Sciences
University of Colorado Denver

 PO Box 173364, CB 172
 Denver, CO 80217-3364
Office: On Sabbatical 2015-16

Students exploring the Roman ruins of Volubilis, Morocco as part of my Geography by Rail® program.

Go and see...” Aristotle told Alexander, and that’s been my mantra for years—even before I “discovered” Geography! My penchant for fieldwork has allowed me to stay broadly-trained and pursue all sorts of research. Currently, I focus on demonstrating that fieldwork enhances learning using my expertise in rock decay science and sense of place. Regionally-speaking, my specialties include Arid lands, Lesser Antilles (Caribbean), Japan, and the US-Mexico Borderlands—although I do have a solid grasp of other regions, including most of Europe and the Middle East. For example, I was selected as a Fulbright Scholar to the country of Jordan (2015-16).

Education remains paramount in my life and my dedication to students has paid off in three prestigious accolades: being named an “Early Career Scholar” by the Grosvenor Center for Geographic Education (2012), having students select me as the Outstanding Student Mentor for the CU Denver/Anschutz Medical Campus (2013), and being awarded Excellence in Teaching by CU’s College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (2014). I believe these honors have something to do with my Teaching Philosophy and formal training in the Art of Academic Advising, as well as my diverse life and professional experiences, that allow me to guide students in unique and innovative ways. And besides, for me, teaching and interacting with students is fun...It’s one of the main reasons I chose Academia as a career.

Overall, my goal rests in spreading Geography, helping diffuse it over space-time, improving people’s perception of it and its applicability. If that means I utilize various facets of Geography to illuminate a situation (like actor-networks, landform change, micrometeorology, travel, landscape evolution, geo-spatial technologies, ancient cultures, etc.), then super! Whatever it takes to show how Geography plays such a key role in today’s world and should be at the forefront of everyone’s minds!

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Casey D. Allen

Geographer, PhD

Students at Levera Beach, Grenada, (Caribbean) during my annual  sustainability field study course.

Geography is the World!!