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This is an ongoing project as an aid to help students at the University of Colorado Denver understand the grammar intricacies of German. As students have questions, and as various grammar topics arise during class sessions, this page will expand. The ultimate aim of this project is to create a fairly comprehensive German reference grammar for speakers of English. Please e-mail me with your comments, corrections, or other remarks that will help to make this a more useful tool in your pursuit of developing good German (and English) grammar skills. Additional examples, doubtful instances, exceptions, and questions concerning problematic constructions are always welcome. Tim Phillips

Further Notes: I would like to discourage students from simply downloading all the files on this page. Rather, as you come across a topic, look through the list of grammar topics below and take only those sheets you need. Some of the grammar here is quite advanced, and if you have not already mastered some of the elementary principles, then the advanced sheets will be of little or no help to you. Thanks.

Traits of ENGLISH Nouns
Traits of GERMAN Nouns
Functions of Nouns - Intro
Functions of Nouns - Details
Plurals of German Nouns
Schwaches Maskulinum  ("N" Nouns)

Intro to Determiners
Possessive Adjectives  


Accusative Case - Introduction
Articles & Pronouns
Dative Case - Introduction
Genitive Case
Beneficiary (indirect object)
Dative of Experience
Dative of Relationship

Chart of Pronouns
Introduction to Pronouns
Miscellaneous Prounouns
Reflexive Pronouns
"wer" (who?)

Accusative Prepositions
Dative Prepositions
Two-Way Prepositions (acc/dat)
Prepositions versus Conjunctions - Intro
Prepositions & Case
Verb + Prep Combos - Intro
Preps as Verb Completers
DA & WO Compounds
DA & WO to make questions & answers

Als Wenn Wann Ob

Word Order Intro
Foundations of Word Order
Joining 2 Clauses
Elements in Sentence Field

Days & Months
Tense/Lax Spelling Guide
Sound to Spelling Relationship

Intro to Verb Terminology
Traits of Verbs
Verb Classification (strong - weak)
Modal Verbs (intro, chart, examples)
Dative Verbs
Progressive Aspect in English
Partizip I
Perfect (present perfect tense) Basic Introduction
Partizip II
Participles - Quick List
Verbs: to put & to be
Passive (terms in English)
Passive (verb forms in German)
Passive with Dative
Passive with no Subject
Perfect Tense with Modal Verbs
Präteritum (preterit tense - intro)
Subjunctive - Intro to English
Konjunktiv II (chart of verb forms)
Konjunktiv II (past time)
Konjunktiv II with Modal & Past Time
Reported Speech - Intro to English
Konjunktiv I  (subjunctive of reported speech)
Verbs with Stem Change E > I
Verbs with Stem Change E > IE
Verbs with Stem Change A > Ä  &  AU > ÄU
Werden - Basic Introduction
Werden - Chart of Tenses & Forms
Werden - Meanings in English
"To Know" - wissen kennen können
Prätero-Präsens Verb Forms
Verbs with a Separable Prefix - Intro
Overview of Tense Names
Tempi des Verbums
Reflexive - Hints for Translations
Time & Tense - Chart of Terminology

Possessive Adjectives Intro
Adjective Endings
Comparatives & Superlatives - Intro
Comparatives & Superlatives - List
Participles as Adjectives
Adjectival Nouns (introduction)
Adjectival Nouns (chart of declensions)
Partizip I
Extended Adjectival Modifiers
Ordinal Numbers - Intro

Translation Hints
SS or ß ?? - Spelling Rules

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